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FAG bearings motor overheating solution

wallpapers Products 2020-06-17
1. FAG bearings is damaged. Solution: Replace.
2. There is too little lubricating oil in the FAG sliding bearing, there are impurities, or the oil ring is stuck. Solution: add fuel, replace with new oil, repair, or replace the oil ring.
3. Rolling FAG bearings have too little grease, too much or iron filings, and other impurities. Solution: The capacity of FAG imported bearing grease should not exceed 70% of the total capacity. Those with impurities should be replaced.
4. FAG imported bearings, and end caps are too tight or too loose. Solution: When the bearing is too fast, the FAG imported bearing chamber will be processed, and when the bearing is too loose, insert the steel sleeve into the end cover.
5. The belt is too tight, or the coupling is poorly assembled. Solution: Adjust the belt tension and correct the coupling.
6. The two ends of the motor cover or FAG imported bearing cover are poorly assembled. Solution: Install the end cover or FAG bearing cover stopper and tighten.
7. The shaft and FAG imported bearings are too tight or too loose. Solution: If it is too close, please regrind, if it is too loose, insert it.

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