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What are some of the advanced applications of aerogels

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1. Making Mars exploration spacesuits
In 2002, NASA set up a company to produce stronger, more resilient aerogels.NASA confirmed in 2013 that astronauts would wear spacesuits made from the new aerogel during their 2018 Mars expedition. Mark Krajewski, a senior scientist at the company, said that adding an 18mm thick layer of aerogel to a spacesuit could help astronauts withstand temperatures as high as 1,300 ° C and temperatures as low as -130 ° C."It's the most effective thermostatic material I've ever seen."Mark said.
2.Bulletproof is not afraid of being blown up
Bulletproof is the second important use of the new aerogels. The NASA company is testing homes and military vehicles built with aerogel. According to laboratory tests, if a layer of aerogel, about six millimeters thick, is added to the sheet metal, it will do no harm even if the explosive is blown directly into the sheet metal.
3. Can deal with ecological disasters
Environmental protection is the third important function of the new aerogels. Scientists affectionately call aerogels "super sponges" because they have millions of tiny holes on the surface, making them ideal for capturing contaminants in water. Scientists in the United States have invented a new aerogel that can absorb lead and mercury in water. According to the scientist, the aerogel is an excellent material for dealing with ecological disasters, such as the sea express sinking in 1996, when 72,000 tons of oil were released. If it had been used, it would not have caused serious coastal pollution.
4. Tennis racket hitting ability is stronger
New aerogels will also be part of our everyday life in the future. The American sports equipment company Dunlop, for example, has successfully developed tennis racquets that contain aerogel. This tennis racket is said to be more capable of hitting the ball; Bob Stocker, 66, became the first Briton to use aerogel in his home in early 2012. "It heated up so well that I turned the air conditioner down by 5 ° C and it was still very comfortable," he said. Climbers are also hopeful about the use of aerogel. British mountaineer Anne Payment used part of the material in her shoes when she climbed Mount Everest in 2011, as well as a layer of the new material in her sleeping bag.

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