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The lubrication of roller neck bearings

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Lubrication of roller neck bearings 
1. Purpose and function 
The purpose of roller neck bearings lubrication is to reduce friction and wear inside the bearing, thus preventing jamming. The functions of lubrication are as follows: 
1.1 Reduce wear and friction 
By forming a protective oil film on the contact part of the roller neck bearings ring, rolling element and cage, contact between metals is prevented and friction and wear are reduced. 
1.2 Eliminate friction heat and cooling 
Through the method of circulating oil, the heat generated by friction or heat transferred from the outside world is removed, and the roller neck bearings is cooled by oil to prevent overheating of the bearing and degradation of lubricating oil. 
1.3 Prolong the contact fatigue life 
The rolling contact fatigue life of bearings can be extended by forming a thick enough oil film on the rolling contact surface. Lubrication can also prevent foreign substances from entering the bearing and prevent rust or corrosion. 
2. Lubrication method 
The lubrication of roller neck bearings is done with grease or oil. 
The selection of lubrication method most suitable for the operating conditions and purposes of bearings is the most important for bearings to demonstrate their highest performance. 
(1) Grease lubrication
In general, with the simplification of sealing units, grease lubrication is a convenient lubrication method. That is, once the grease is filled, no additional supply is needed for a considerable period of time.
For rollling neck bearings, the lubrication method commonly used today is the use of grease filling rather than the centralized lubrication method to reduce the time required for roll replacement procedures. In particular, it is necessary to establish a working standard with due regard to the reliability of sealing units, grease characteristics and grease supply in the roll shop.
(2) Oil lubrication
In a roller or section mill, the roll neck bearings are centrally lubricated and specified quantities of grease are supplied at set intervals. When grease filling methods are used, such as roller neck bearings in a cold mill, new grease is added until the old grease is slightly extruded from the seal.
In practice, a typical disassembly and cleaning interval schedule is determined by checking its status periodically for approximately one year after initial start-up.
(3) Oil-air lubrication
Features of oil-air lubrication systems
In the bearing set oil supply is correct and stable, not affected by lubricating oil, compressed air temperature changes and pressure changes in the pipeline.
Substantial savings in oil consumption.
High-performance distributors in oil-air systems ensure that lubricating oil is correctly supplied to bearings, making it easier to determine the supply at each point in advance. Therefore, only the minimum amount of oil is required, helping to reduce fuel consumption, about 1/10 of oil mist lubrication.
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