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Characteristics of INA bearing fault characteristic frequency

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What is the characteristic frequency of INA bearings failure
The characteristic frequency of INA rolling bearings failure is the vibration frequency produced by the bearing failure. There are four typical bearing fault characteristic frequencies: BPFO-outer ring fault characteristic frequency; BPFI-inner ring fault characteristic frequency; BSF rolling element fault characteristic frequency and FTF cage fault characteristic frequency. INA rolling bearing fault characteristic frequency characteristics
1. The failure frequency of INA bearings is different from other failure frequencies;
2. INA bearing failure frequency is a non-integer multiple of the speed frequency;
3. The sum of the failure frequencies of the inner and outer rings = "bearing rolling element passing frequency" (number of rolling elements X RPM);
4. The failure frequency of the inner ring of INA bearings is usually accompanied by a sideband of 1 X speed frequency;
5. The magnitude of the fault frequency of the outer ring of the INA bearing is greater than the magnitude of the fault frequency of the inner ring of the bearing;
6. The failure of INA bearings usually occurs before the failure of the rolling elements and cage, that is, the frequency of occurrence of the inner ring or the outer ring;
7. INA bearing cage failure frequency (FTF) usually does not appear on its basic frequency;
8. When the rolling element itself fails, not only the rolling element failure frequency (BSF), but also the cage failure frequency (FTF) will often occur.
9. When the INA bearing frame is broken, the frequency of rolling element rotation failure may occur;
10. When more than one rolling element fails, the number of rolling element failures x the frequency of the characteristic frequency of the rolling element failure will appear. If 5 balls or rollers fail, the frequency is usually 5 times

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