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How do bearings have insulating properties?


How do bearings have insulating properties?

The shaft voltage generated during the operation of the motor is a serious equipment hazard, and the shaft current formed by the shaft voltage seriously threatens the safe operation of the equipment.

The shaft voltage and the closed circuit are necessary to form the shaft current. Shaft voltage occurs during motor operation and includes the potential difference between the two ends of the shaft, a part of the shaft and the shaft to the ground. The direct attack object of shaft voltage is bearing system. When the voltage reaches a certain value, the lubricating oil film in the bearing will be broken down, forming a closed circuit, that is, generating shaft current. Low voltage, high current is one of the characteristics of shaft current. Due to the influence of shaft current, it will lead to heating problems, bearing grease degradation and failure is due to high temperature, the bearing is in intermittent dry grinding, leading to the combustion of the bearing itself, even sintering adhesion between the bearing and the shaft, finally the bearing falls off and burns out, that is, the shaft current corrosion.

The solution to prevent shaft current corrosion is to use insulated bearings in the motor to cut off the current loop. That is, the bearing is insulated.

So how do bearings have insulation performance?

If you want the bearing to have insulation performance, you can use plasma spraying process on the inner or outer ring of the bearing in accordance with ordinary bearing standards, and evenly spray alumina coating on the bearing ring. Alumina has good insulation performance, so that bearings have insulation effect. After further sealing, the bearing can also be protected from moisture.

The alumina coating has a minimum resistance of 200 megohm and can withstand up to 3000V dc voltage. After the bearing is insulated, the reliability of the equipment operation can be improved and the uptime of the equipment can be increased by actually eliminating the shaft current problem. Suitable for motor, can guarantee more reliable operation!

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