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Unleashing the Potential of...

In the mission for lasting options that minimize power consumption without jeopardizing efficiency,...

Ultra-fine grinding of silica...

Silica is a not natural substance and one of one of the most...

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TRUNNANO(Luoyang Tongrun) will participate...

From August 14th to 16th, the Globe OF CONCRETE ASIA 2024 (WOCA) will...

What is Cu clip package? stripping copper wire for scrap

Power chips are connected to outside circuits with product packaging, and their performance depends upon the support of the packaging. In high-power circumstances, power chips are usually packaged as power modules. Chip interconnection refers to the electrical connection on the top surface area of the chip, which is generally light weight aluminum bonding cable in typical modules. ^
Conventional power component bundle cross-section

Currently, industrial silicon carbide power components still mainly use the product packaging technology of this wire-bonded traditional silicon IGBT component. They encounter problems such as large high-frequency parasitical specifications, not enough heat dissipation ability, low-temperature resistance, and not enough insulation stamina, which limit the use of silicon carbide semiconductors. The display of superb efficiency. In order to solve these problems and totally manipulate the huge possible advantages of silicon carbide chips, many new packaging innovations and services for silicon carbide power modules have actually arised recently.

Silicon carbide power module bonding approach

(Figure (a) Wire bonding and (b) Cu Clip power module structure diagram (left) copper wire and (right) copper strip connection process)

Bonding products have developed from gold wire bonding in 2001 to aluminum cord (tape) bonding in 2006, copper cord bonding in 2011, and Cu Clip bonding in 2016. Low-power gadgets have created from gold cables to copper cords, and the driving pressure is price decrease; high-power gadgets have created from light weight aluminum cables (strips) to Cu Clips, and the driving pressure is to improve item efficiency. The better the power, the higher the demands.

Cu Clip is copper strip, copper sheet. Clip Bond, or strip bonding, is a packaging process that uses a solid copper bridge soldered to solder to connect chips and pins. Compared with traditional bonding packaging approaches, Cu Clip technology has the adhering to benefits:

1. The link in between the chip and the pins is made from copper sheets, which, to a certain level, changes the typical cable bonding approach between the chip and the pins. For that reason, a distinct package resistance worth, greater existing circulation, and far better thermal conductivity can be gotten.

2. The lead pin welding area does not need to be silver-plated, which can totally save the cost of silver plating and poor silver plating.

3. The item look is totally consistent with regular items and is mainly used in servers, mobile computer systems, batteries/drives, graphics cards, motors, power products, and various other areas.

Cu Clip has two bonding techniques.

All copper sheet bonding method

Both eviction pad and the Source pad are clip-based. This bonding method is a lot more costly and complex, however it can achieve far better Rdson and better thermal impacts.

( copper strip)

Copper sheet plus cord bonding approach

The resource pad makes use of a Clip method, and the Gate makes use of a Cord method. This bonding technique is slightly more affordable than the all-copper bonding approach, saving wafer location (suitable to really little entrance areas). The process is less complex than the all-copper bonding approach and can obtain far better Rdson and much better thermal impact.

Provider of Copper Strip

TRUNNANO is a supplier of surfactant with over 12 years experience in nano-building energy conservation and nanotechnology development. It accepts payment via Credit Card, T/T, West Union and Paypal. Trunnano will ship the goods to customers overseas through FedEx, DHL, by air, or by sea. If you are finding stripping copper wire for scrap, please feel free to contact us and send an inquiry.

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