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An Australian Cruise Ship With A New Crown Infected Is Allowed To Stop In Uruguay

wallpapers News 2020-04-13

An Australian cruise ship carrying more than 100 New Coronavirus infected persons was allowed to dock in Uruguay's capital Montevideo on the 10th. More than 100 passengers from Australia and New Zealand disembarked. They will take a charter flight to Melbourne, Australia, the next day isolation. The "Greg Mortimer" cruise ship has been detained on the coast of Uruguay since March 27. A total of the 217 passengers and crew members, including 128 of them, tested positive for the new coronavirus. The passengers approved to travel to Melbourne are 96 Australians and 16 New Zealanders. Among them, three Australians were previously taken off by the Uruguayan government and sent to the hospital for treatment. They are now discharged.

The 112 passengers included those who tested positive. It is reported that on the 10th that most of the infected people on the cruise line had mild symptoms, and Uruguay now can transfer this group of passengers, which will not bring risks to its people. After consultation between Uruguay and the governments of Australia, the Ukrainian side scheduled to take the bus to the runway of Montevideo International Airport on the evening of the 10th, and then organize them to be disinfected. The police and medical staff will participate in this group of passengers11 Early in the morning; we will take a charter flight to Melbourne, where we will accept 14 days of quarantine. Eighty-three crew members and passengers from other countries temporarily stay on the cruise ship, waiting for their respective countries to negotiate with the Uruguayan government. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay said the remaining passengers came from the United States, Britain, Jamaica, and several European countries.

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