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What to do if the elevator fails

wallpapers News 2020-03-26

Elevator incidents have occurred frequently recently, some of which stopped running, some suddenly dropped and dropped, and some of the elevators in the mall hurt people.

  1. First, please press the alarm in the elevator. This can inform outside rescue and prevent yourself from being trapped.

  2. If you press the alarm and no one comes, you can use your feet to knock the door. But remember, don't start with too much force and then you'll be boring. Don't panic, kick intermittently. It can also be used if you have utensils in your hand.

  3. Try to scream. If you don't have enough energy, you can switch to screaming. This can release stress and attract others' attention.

  4. Adjust your mindset. Lean your back against the wall and adjust your breathing. It is essential to prevent emotional discomfort by causing physical pain. Waiting for rescue.

  5. Press the button on each floor of the elevator. To prevent the lift from falling suddenly.

  6. Don't lie on the door. Some people try to escape in such a situation, so they keep lying on the door, which is very easy to cause the elevator door to get out of control and cause greater danger.

Whether it is a box elevator or an escalator elevator, the bearing is an essential part. The bearing types of vertical conveyors are spherical roller bearings and deep groove ball with cover. Spherical roller bearings are used for the drive wheels of escalator elevators, and deep groove ball bearings are used for the handrails of escalator elevators.

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