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In the mission for lasting options that minimize power consumption without jeopardizing efficiency,...

Ultra-fine grinding of silica...

Silica is a not natural substance and one of one of the most...

TRUNNANO(Luoyang Tongrun) will participate...

From August 14th to 16th, the Globe OF CONCRETE ASIA 2024 (WOCA) will...

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Metal powder preparation process inventory-atomization method inconel 625

Vacuum cleaner air atomization (VIGA)

Vacuum cleaner air atomization describes the smelting of steel or metal alloys under vacuum cleaner problems. Under gas security conditions, the metal liquid flows out (down) via the insulated crucible and diversion nozzle. It is atomized and broken into pieces by the high-pressure air flow via the nozzle. A a great deal of little beads solidify right into round or virtually spherical particles throughout flight to achieve the purpose of powder-making.

(Vacuum air atomization (VIGA))

Electrode Induction Gas Atomization (EIGA)

The electrode induction gas atomization powder-making procedure is to accomplish local refining of upraised alloy poles under appropriate vacuum cleaner problems and safety gas conditions. The metal liquid continuously streams descending vertically via the nozzle, and the high-pressure air movement atomizes the metal liquid through the nozzle. It breaks into a multitude of small droplets, and the droplets strengthen into particles throughout flight.

Plasma revolving electrode (PREPARATION)

Plasma rotating electrode powdering technology is currently one of the important technologies for producing top quality round steel powders. The centrifugal force produced by the high-speed turning of the electrodes throws away the fluid film to develop droplets, which are atomized and solidified right into round powders in an inert atmosphere.

Plasma wire atomization (PA)

Plasma cord atomization uses high-purity metal or alloy wire as resources, which is sent out to a high-temperature location with plasma as the warm source via a wire straightener for melting. At the same time, the liquified fluid is atomized by the gas to develop tiny beads. After that, It spheroidizes under the activity of surface area tension and cools down and strengthens into powder during the dropping process.

(Plasma wire atomization (PA))

Plasma Spheroidization (PS)

Plasma spheroidization uses DC arc or superhigh frequency plasma as the warmth source to warm the gas. The raw product powder is sent out into the high-temperature plasma location with the carrier gas powder feeding tool to take in heat and thaw. Under the action of surface area stress, spherical beads are formed, and then the fluid A technology in which declines are cooled down and strengthened into powder through a substantial temperature level slope.

Water atomization

The standard principle of water atomization is that after the raw metal materials are thawed in the heating system, the melt is put into a tundish put at the top of the atomization chamber. The thaw flows via the opening at the end of the tundish right into the atomizer and is decomposed into elements by the high-pressure water jet. The liquified beads cool down and strengthen during falling and deposition to create a powder, and ultimately, the water-powder mixture is dehydrated, dried out, and collected.

About Metalinchina

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